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The Legal GenAI Platform

Harness Generative AI and find its value.

Greater control

AI Legal Empowerment

WorkflowGPT is the evolving AI toolkit for law firms and legal teams. It equips firms with comprehensive tools and features to help define their AI strategy and begin implementing beneficial AI, at scale.

Evolve together

Dynamic Legal Evolution

With four proven modules, the platform grows and evolves around your needs. WorkflowGPT has been tested exhaustively and powers applications in some of the world’s largest law firms.

WorkflowGPT makes it easy to quickly implement AI in your firm.

Experiment and launch pilots using WorkflowGPT’s configurable spaces, shareable buttons and customisable algorithms to test and define how AI can benefit your practice.

WorkflowGPT makes generative AI fit for legal work.

It’s powered by secure pre-trained large language models (LLMs) that 
are enriched by your domain expertise, process knowledge, and internal business intelligence that making them even more useful to your business.

Other AI tools lack specificity.

They make mistakes. They often use your data and information to train their algorithms. And overlook critical security concerns and privacy provisions. That’s not the case with WorkflowGPT, it means business.

A platform that works for you

Enhance your processes and productivity in clicks.

With four ready-to-customise modules, WorkflowGPT is the foundation block you need to reap the benefits of a custom-made generative AI. You can reconfigure prebuilt workflows in clicks, without code, to enhance and adapt inputs, outputs and knowledge.

A proven platform at your fingertips

Quickly implement, easily improve and deploy powerful generative AI solutions that match your business processes. WorkflowGPT equips you with everything you need to follow a proven implementation path that maximises impact, accuracy and results:


Spot additional high-impact areas that can be enhanced through generative AI.


In just a few clicks, modify pre-built workflows that help your team work faster and more accurately.


Experiment fast. Run pilot programmes with small teams to gather feedback.


Put powerful generative AI workflows in the hands of your team.


Take advantage of the latest tech, constantly being added into WorkflowGPT.

Secure, private AI tools that don’t compromise