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Embark on your
AI journey.

WorkflowGPT is the best first step 
for organisations looking to harness generative AI and find its value, quickly.

The best way to start implementing.

WorkflowGPT is customisable and integrates with your internal knowledge bases securely, using a private internal GPT.

Built-in Modules and easily Customisable Workflows

Featuring four out-of-the-box modules built-in, and a suite of ready-to-customise workflows, WorkflowGPT is ready to help you experiment, learn and identify high-impact areas for generative AI.

Empower Your Creativity 
& create instant impact

WorkflowGPT is made for users. Custom ‘spells’ can be configured in clicks. It comes with pre-trained algorithms that are ready to make an impact.

Secure – Knowledge 

Configure WorkflowGPT to securely read internal documents. With your knowledge base, tap into internal insights for rapid transformation into practical generative AI applications.

An AI platform that evolves as you do.

Make strides on your AI journey with a platform that evolves with you. Develop AI capabilities with powerful tools that help you improve accuracy, speed and efficiency. Then, configure powerful workflows that integrate and enhance your existing processes.

Make an impact from day one, transform everything

Find opportunities to enhance your processes.

Then, harness these algorithms to adapt 
to your firms’ requirements, in process, due diligence and delivery.

Configure powerful AI workflows that help you work better.
  • Configurable in clicks.
  • Shareable buttons.
Make an impact from day one, transform everything.
  • Best of both worlds – build and buy.
  • Super specific.
  • Highly configurable.

Secure, private AI tools that don’t compromise