4 powerful AI modules, ready to reinvigorate your processes.

WorkflowGPT comes with four standalone AI modules as standard, ready to make an impact on your business with no configuration.

Your new legal assistant

Secure GPT and AI Chat

A generative AI model that keeps everything secure. It won’t be used to 
train our model. It won’t accidentally leak sensitive data to other users. It’s 
a knowledgeable AI bot that answers questions, drafts documents, and summarises information in seconds. Exactly in the way you need it to work.

  • Read and summarise.
  • Compare documents; contracts, etc.
  • Translate, draft policies.
  • Feedback.
Quick understanding

Document and 
Knowledge Base Chat

Give your internal documents, policies and knowledge base a voice. Leverage generative AI to accurately and intelligently understand, articulate and clarify information stored in your business. Plus, upload your own documents (no matter how large), and ask away to get the information 
you want and need.

  • Employee benefits
  • Update policies

Natural Language Search

A quicker, more powerful and fruitful method of search. Use natural language to actively find information from files. Find the needle in the haystack, the clause in the contract, or, find out that an answer to your question doesn’t quite exist yet. All in seconds.

  • Rapid Information Retrieval
  • Enhanced Precision
  • Real-time Answers
  • Intelligent Insights
Timesaving excellence

Speed Reader

Summarise, extract, analyse and transform documents up to 1,000 pages long. Save hours reading, or get Speed Reader to cite its sources to point you to the pages most relevant to your needs.

  • Contract reviews; add missing clauses.
  • Optimise and transform contracts.
  • Check for bias.

AI that enhances your business processes, 
without compromising on security or privacy.

WorkflowGPT is customisable and integrates with your internal knowledge bases securely, using a private internal GPT.

ISO 27001 accredited.

WorkflowGPT’s robust security framework is certified to ISO 27001, the gold standard in information security management systems.

Securely cloud-hosted, or deployed 
in your own secure environment.

You can host WorkflowGPT in a secure cloud environment, 
or in your own infrastructure.

We’ll never use your data 
to train our algorithms. Ever.

We will never use your data to train our algorithms.

Secure, private AI tools that don’t compromise

What can you do
with WorkflowGPT?

It’s not like any other legal AI platform. An AI platform, for the entire firm.

You’re in control of WorkflowGPT. It’s the platform that gives you the power to create workflows. These workflows can be customised to the needs of your business, your clients and your processes.

Law firms are already using WorkflowGPT to:

Analyse and summarise contracts, case law, legislation, 
and 1000+ page documents in seconds.

WorkflowGPT is built with a large context window, giving it the ability to retain and use information from 1,000+ page documents in a way no other generative AI tools can’t. This means you can work on large contracts, case law, legislation and much more.

Create drafts with an AI that 
understands exactly what you need.

Enhance your processes with a generative AI that understands what you expect it to produce, in the format you expect. Use internal knowledge, templates and other sources of information to guide a specialised LLM to produce better quality outputs.

Powerful e-discovery capabilities 
that surface items of interest, fast.

Use semantic search, with natural language, to find information that you need – quickly and accurately. Identify data with a powerful OCR that recognises tables, formatted information and even handwriting.

Interact with information through chat and knowledge bots.

Knowledge bots that can synthesise, summarise and comprehend information securely from your internal knowledge base. Surface information quickly, find the needle in a haystack and even spot gaps in knowledge bases.

Prediction, comprehension and 
content generation specifically for your work.

Configure templates, workflows and shareable ‘actions’ that your team can use to consistently produce high-quality work, in the format and output your clients expect.


WorkflowGPT is a platform that enables legal professionals to harness the power of the latest Generative AI technology to automate workflows and improve efficiency.